Peer Counseling


TUesday 10am-4pm, thursday 10am-4pm, friday 10am-2pm

Peer Counseling? What Does That Mean Exactly?

Peer Counseling can mean a lot of different things. To us, it means talking with you about your situation and aiding you in whatever way we can. We will help you come up with a plan that makes you feel most prepared to move forward. Sometimes all a person needs is a listening ear to feel good about making sound decisions. Other times, education and ongoing support are necessary, and that is perfectly acceptable too! We are here for YOUR needs.

*It should be noted that our staff members are not professional counselors; our counsel is not intended to be a replacement for professional therapy. Please consult your own physician or mental health provider about the applicability of any opinions or recommendations with respect to your own situation, symptoms, medical or psychiatric conditions. We will refer for counseling services in situations that are outside of our jurisdiction. We are however, trained and certified in specific topics regarding pregnancy, options counseling, and mentorship.*