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"Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself."
                                                                                        -John Dewey


Our Parenting Program is based on an encouraging, educational platform. Whatever your family dynamic, we have something for you!

If you are interested in scheduling parenting classes, please call (606) 784-2488.
Parenting program

Abstinence Education

The one and only certain way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is abstinence. Sexual integrity education is such an important part of development; societal expectations, peer pressure, and ignorance can often be contributing factors for individuals to engage in sex prematurely and inappropriately. If you or your child would like to schedule sexual health and abstinence classes, please contact us!
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Abortion Alternatives

Sometimes things happen. Perhaps parenting wasn't/isn't your plan; if this applies to you, consider coming in for FREE peer counseling and abortion alternative education.

Click the link for more information regarding your body and your choice.
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Financial Management

When raising a family, it is so important to know how to manage! Finanical management is one aspect of this!

We have curriculum for Dave Ramsey financial management, a highly renowned financial advisor. He has a podcast and other materials- Click HERE to view his website.

Contact us to schedule financial management classes, today! 

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