Pregnancy Resources


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So, you might be pregnant... what now?

Pregnancy, planned and unplanned alike, can bring many mixed feelings. Even veteran mothers feel that initial fear, anxiety, excitement, concern, and a whole host of other emotions. You are NOT alone. Give yourself permission to feel how to feel. You are allowed to feel all those things at once.

One step at a time...

How can we help you prepare for this pregnancy? What resources do you need? We are here for you!

We would LOVE to meet and talk with you about how you're feeling. We realize the importance of expression, and we want to hear from you! Our center's mission is to make you feel like you can move forward with ALL the resources and information you need to be confident in motherhood.

Could I be Pregnant?

Pregnancy is always a possibility if you are sexually active; if you think you could be pregnant, a pregnancy test is the next step. Here at our clinic we provide FREE pregnancy testing.

The following are early signs that you might be pregnant:

-Missed period
-Tender, swollen breasts
-Nausea (with or without vomiting) 
-Increased urination 
-Fatigue (tiredness)

pregnancy testing

Prenantal Care

Prenatal care is an important part of your pregnancy! We do not provide prenatal care here at our clinic, however, if you would like to come in to confirm your pregnancy we will refer you for an appointment with a local OBGYN or Midwife.

Don't have insurance? No problem, we can help you connect with an insurance provider as well. In the state of Kentucky, "Presumptive Medicaid" allows eligible pregnant women to receive prenatal care through Medicaid for up to 60 days while their eligibility for full Medicaid benefits is determined. If you do not currently have Medicaid, you may qualify. 

Below is a list of OBGYN or Midwife providers in our area: 

UK Women's Health 
555 West Sun Street

Saint Claire Family Medicine 
316 West Sun Street

If you would like to learn more about your pregnancy, our parenting program teaches what is happening to your body at each stage of pregnancy, how baby is developing, your nutritional needs, how to care for yourself while pregnant and more! Check out our Parenting Program page by clicking the link below. 

Parenting Program